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Zovirax Generic | Online Pharmacy | Cure Cold Sores

Zovirax Generic – Treat Viral Infections Effectively

Zovirax is a potent medication widely applied in patients suffering from cold sores provoked by the activity of the herpes simplex virus. The preparation reduces the activity of the infection and eliminates its symptoms. However, this kind of viral infection is impossible to cure, which means the use of Zovirax generic can only help you manage the external manifestations of the disease.

The active substance containing in Zovirax, acyclovir, belongs to prescription drugs. However, in our online pharmacy, you can get the medication even if you don’t have a valid prescription from your GP. Our website offers remote consultations with a doctor to get the needed prescription. Therefore, you can buy Zovirax legally with minimum effort. We sell only certified medications, which excludes the possibility of purchasing low-quality drugs. So if you are seeking for online Zovirax purchase on the best terms, our website is at your service.

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Where to Buy Zovirax?

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Indications for Use. How It Works

Zovirax generic is effective against different types of herpes infections, including those provoked by varicella zoster virus. The drug can cope with the following diseases:

  • Shingles caused by herpes zoster;
  • Genital herpes;
  • Herpes simplex in neonates;
  • Herpesviral encephalitis;
  • Herpetic infection of the eyes; and others.

Zovirax is also recommended in people with a suppressed immune system due to chemotherapy or HIV. The preparation works by inhibiting the production of an enzyme, which is needed for viral DNA synthesis. This way, Zovirax stops the growth of the number of viral cells and improves the symptoms of the infection.

How to Use Zovirax Safely?

A consultation with a doctor or pharmacist is highly recommended to all people who need treatment with Zovirax. A specialist will evaluate your medical condition and possible precautions for use to choose an efficacious yet safe dosage of the medication for you.

Your healthcare provider may recommend taking Zovirax generic pills two to five times daily. The therapy of the initial outbreak of genital herpes may require a 200 mg dose every 4 hours. Recurrent infection is treated with a 400 mg dose twice a day. The difference between the two cases is the duration of treatment. In the first case, it lasts for 10 days, whereas in the second, it may continue for a year.

The treatment of herpes simplex presupposes the intake of 800 mg Zovirax five times per day for 10 days.

The pediatric dose of the drug should be calculated, taking into account the weight of the child.

Never exceed the dose of this antiviral drug to prevent side effects. Be careful with drug interactions, and don’t take Zovirax together with interferon, ketoconazole, zidovudine, and probenecid.

Precautions for Use

Zovirax generic is rather safe. However, it is not recommended for use in people who have:

  • An allergy to acyclovir;
  • Moderate or severe kidney disease;
  • Severe hepatic impairment.

People who have gone through organ transplant surgery have to tell about it to the doctor before being treated with Zovirax.
Children younger than 2 years old are not recommended to take this medication. The drug is allowed in pregnancy but should be avoided in the period of lactation.

Possible Adverse Reactions

People report side effects to Zovirax generic medication very rarely. Still, some unwanted reactions do appear, and they need you to act correctly in such situations. Inform your doctor or go to the clinic if you notice any of the listed adverse reactions:

  • Headache;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Confusion;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Tremor;
  • Dizziness.

An allergic reaction to Zovirax is rare. It may show through itchy rash, trouble breathing, edema, and other symptoms. Reactions of hypersensitivity are a reason to call an emergency. Talk to your pharmacist for a complete list of unwanted effects.

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